About Inkbury

Finding the perfect writing group is hard. Writers benefit most from groups with similar goals and experience levels, but there is no reliable way to connect with scattered local writers—other than pay-to-play platforms that aren’t worth the cost for small groups.

We’re changing that. Inkbury is a writer-focused platform for creating, finding, and managing writing groups and book clubs. Members can connect online and in person, through a platform built to help book-lovers find groups based on their location, publication goals, and writing genre.

There are no fees to join, create groups, or host events. Our goal is to make writing groups and book clubs accessible for everyone, regardless of means or location.

Stop posting into the void.

For years, we’ve been searching for community on social media, posting into a constantly changing whirlpool of writers and readers and rarely forming long-term connections. Inkbury is meant to help you find your people, the group of writers who will grow with you—the people you will thank on your acknowledgements page.

The Creators of Inkbury

Blue Pen

Blue Pen is a small team of publishing professionals supporting authors through high-quality editing and book design services. @BluePenBooks

Victoria Griffin

Victoria is an East Tennessee author and editor. She is the founder of Blue Pen and Inkbury and the organizer of the Blue Pen Writers’ Conference. @victoria on Inkbury

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Small writing groups can make a big impact. Our name references two historic groups of writers: the Inklings and the Bloomsbury Group. The name also represents our emphasis on improving the accessibility of writing groups in rural communities with a nod to the inkberry plant, also known as Appalachian tea.

  1. Inkbury was created by and for writers and readers.
  2. Inkbury is completely free, whereas Meetup requires fees to maintain groups.

We are committed to making Inkbury free forever. If you would like to support Inkbury, here are the top ways:

  1. Use us! Join up and create a group.
  2. Upgrade to an Author Membership.
  3. Advertise your product, service, or event on Inkbury.
  4. Consider Blue Pen for editing and book design.